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Originally Posted by mike3000fl View Post
This is for BIGJOE...

Go to autozone or the equivalent. Get them to read the code. You will know then and there if it is a coil.

It definitely sounds like a misfire and a bad coil is a possible culprit. I would get the code read for free and then go from there. If it is the coil then yea the car will run fine after. You could also do a self diagnose by removing all the plastic shit on top of the engine. Disconnect one coil at a time and see if the way that the car idles changes, does it run rougher or the same.... If you unplug a coil and the idle gets worse, then you have unplugged a good coil, so plug it back in. If the idle does not change at all, then the coil you unplugged was already dead and needs to be replaced.
Mike thanks for the info i will try that today. i hope it's just a bad coil it would make my life so much
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