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Originally Posted by Neon01 View Post
I thought the RUA 213 are 5.25" comps. Are they not? Most online sources say so, anyway (though this is far from proof).

Also, the signal correction is being done with a JL Audio Cleansweep. That's the only reason I didn't attempt to code my HU to put out low level balanced outputs.

I'm definitely going to look into the Alpine product Technic linked. That does look very nice, though I'm having trouble reconciling with the remote command unit of necessity.
You may have to consider coding this OEM HU to HiFi so you can eliminate the Cleansweep. This way you can go straight to the XD600/6.

The RUA213 are 160mm and they should give you better midbass than most 100mm.

You should take some time to inspect how this install was really wired. It could be possible that there are some phase problems (speaker + and - wires swapped).