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Originally Posted by Brigand View Post
So yes you can be proud the US has not reached 18 firearms issues at schools so far this year.

Only 3 separate incidents have resulted in deaths, I guess only having 3 school shootings by February is something to be proud of.

Also, that video seems to be from an organisation that does not really sit in the middle ground.

Admittedly not really up on the plethora of American news channels.

With this obviously being a highly complex issue, I was wondering what those pro gun people think could be done to even reduce the numbers of school shootings or the next Las Vegas type attack?

For the anti gun lot what would you propose? Just banning firearms will change nothing, the logistics of surrendering weapons would be exceptionally complicated and result in numerous fatalities.

One thing to consider is just putting severe restrictions on ammunition.

People may have the right to have firearms but do not think it says anything about ammunition....

Stop ammunition being as readily available as it is, then it does not really matter how many guns are in circulation.

Yes people will hoard it but set restrictions on how much can be held.

Just a thought, obviously not a single solution as it's all far too complicated for a silver bullet fix.
I think that's a good idea myself however, I personally know a lot of folks who make their own ammunition. There are machines available everywhere in the US to make your own.