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I don't care if they collect data, I highly doubt anybody gives a flying "F" about my heat or a/c consumption. I'm not that important
My only reservation is that if someone hacks it, and sees that your thermostats have been on "Eco" for 3 days, they might presume you're away and think it's a good time to rob your place.
This isn't an attack, but actually an honest question. How do you envision this working?

Would thieves specializing in hacking nest thermostats be randomly trolling in search of thermostats in Eco mode for an extended period of time? When they find these systems, I guess they would begin prospecting the homes for potential theft?

Perhaps it would work the other way... Thieves prospecting a home they want to break into would hack into the nest thermostats for confirmation that the HVAC system is in Eco mode, thus indicating nobody is home?