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Originally Posted by thejimreaper View Post
Vredestien ultrac sessanta on mine. Love then, great handling and good in the wet. Decided against conti as my mate got through his 5's stupidly quickly. Since getting the Vreds I see them everywhere, including another friends VXR8 and another mates 535d. Only hear good things. Mine are 19 inch wheels and I got all 4 for under 700 fitted.
Can I ask where you got the Vreds for that money? Camskill seem as competitive as anyone on price but for a full set of 19" tyres for mine I'm looking at around 775 delivered. I've then got fitting on top of that and all the reputable people seem to be charging 15/corner (wonder if they've realised that more people are sourcing over the internet as I'm sure fitting didn't used to be as much as that!). Anyway, fitted I'm looking at around 835 for a set of Vreds which makes your figure of less than 700 look very good!