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Originally Posted by AddictedToBavarian View Post
I read your last thread on this. I don't know why you're so concerned with the gas tank needing to be replaced. I can't remember one story of a gas tank needing replacement on E9X. Actually, I never heard of it period. The 328 is a very reliable car. Don't worry about it man. Buy it and enjoy it.
I understand, but I am thinking of owning this vehicle for 4 years and resell it without any concerns for the next driver.

"It looks like the newer version of the SULEV engine (N51) has a plastic fuel tank and a servicable fuel pumps available for it on the parts listings. The prices for these seem to be within reason. Therefore it seems like they might have improved the design of the fuel supply on the SULEV engine (as it can now be maintained for a reasonable price if the pump goes or filter clogs)."

Can anyone confirm this? I am still waiting for BMW NA to respond, but if any of you guys can answer, it would be nice and one less thing to worry about.

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