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Originally Posted by AddictedToBavarian View Post
Wow and with that attitude don't expect any help from these forums. He might of put it a little harsh, but it's true. You're worrying about a fuel tank. How about the N52 ticking issue that might end up needing a whole cylinder head replacement? That's about $6,000. Take problems as they come. Why worry about something so rare? If we're going down that road I guess your car can explode at any second with a fuel related incident. Are you not going to drive?

I was just a bit annoyed with his comments.My apologies.

You are correct, I probably will not have any issues during my 4 years. I am just concerned the next driver will not like the fact it is sulev engine with no emission warranty. That is all. Maybe I am overreacting just like you said.

gah... alright please ignore my rudeness above, I was frustrated and wanted confirmation.

Thanks though for your input.