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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
High-horse 101, I'm tired of it. Sometimes I think some of you enter these discussions so you can get a pat on the back for overcoming your perceived hardships like you deserve a medal. You think your story is novel to the point it outshines people who too have overcome hardships WITH some help? Please. Look, Many may argue getting good grades and receiving a scholarship is too a handout when you consider there really isn't an alternative to doing well in school or than doing poorly. That's your duty. Why should you receive a HANDOUT for it? Oh, ya like that?
Doing well in school is your duty? Hell, it's not even your duty to keep attending classes at all once you reach a certain age, much less perform well in those classes. Obviously it's to your own advantage to do well, but if there's anything I have seen over and over again in my life, it's people behaving in ways that are not in their own best interest, oddly enough.

FYI: a scholarship, by virtue of it's association to a certain standard of acheivement/performance required to EARN it, is not a handout. A grant or a bursary, on the other hand, is the academic equivalent of a handout. In my case, I didnt qualify for those as I was not a member of the right religious organizations, and my skin was the wrong color.

I'm guessing you probably had 2 working parents to help you with any kind of education funding, so you would be unaware of such a distinction.

Make no mistake, I'm not looking for a pat on the back. Knowing that I am doing better than many classmates who came from more advantaged households than I did is pat on the back enough for me.

I'm just saying if I dragged my ass out of the mud, and now you want to use my tax dollars to support those who dont want to make the effort to drag their own asses out of the mud, then sorry, I have limited patience or sympathy for that.

Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
If you think it's the gov't job to create an environment that encourages the private sector to create jobs, then you are essentially agreeing that the gov't plays SOME role in creating jobs which goes against every criticism you uttered thus far pertaining to how those dependent on the gov't are more burdern than help. Get your story straight and in order, please...

My story is straight. Please take the time to read it again, or get someone to read it to you. Slowly. People who depend on the government for direct funding are more burden than help. (ie: there is no middleman, they receive compensation financially or otherwise directly from Uncle Sam). People who get compensation from private industry are contributing to the economy, and paying taxes that makes the lives of the other folks even possible. If my job becomes or remains fiscally sustainable due to some corporate tax break, that does not mean I am being paid by the government. It means the government is acting in a smart way to keep me employed so my taxes can fund services that others consume more than I do.

If you are tired of reading other opinions, you are welcome to leave. Nobody is forcing you to read or post here. Somehow I suspect you are afflicted with whatever Scotch had, and you will probably be unable to restrain yourself from reading and posting.