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N51 and AA Headers Questions

Ok, had my '09 328i now for a few months, absolutely love driving it. While investigating opportunities for more power I discovered that I already have the 3 stage intake manifold so I quickly ordered a tune / simon 3 from AA. Before sending in my file for a map I got word on an unexpected bonus.. so I thought to myself it might be a good idea to kill two birds with one stone and install catless headers before getting my tune... which would save me a few hundred bucks down the road. Before I pull the trigger I have a few questions:

1. Will the AA headers for N52 engine fit the N51?
2. Is this a diy job? I helped my son put headers on his 03 mustang gt and that was a pita, removing motor mounts, etc... is it the same for the E90 328i?
3. What special tools should I get before I tear into it? Flex head box wrenches, etc.

Any info you guys can give would be great. Thanks.