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I just did mine.

It not that difficult. Just a bit tedious. No need to remove parts other than plastic underbody cover (you will need to access from under the car), remove engine cover, loosen up the coolant reservoir. when removing your headers, you will work mostly from above. You can reach almost all bolts. I recommend getting 3/8 socket wrench with swivel head. All bolts are 11 mm. You will need an extension too.

When installing, you will do most wrenching from underneath the car. I hope you have smaller hands, or will be working with someone who does. I highly recommend having 11mm wrench with swivel head handy (as well as one without swivel).

It should take you about 5-7 hours. It took me about 10, but that included several runs to get right tools and jacking up the car. Also, I was all by myself.

When installing the headers, you will need to put them in almost simultaneously. Out the back one on first, then feed the front one from the top. It fits.

Also, mark your connections for oxygen sensors. Do not try to remove oxygen sensors from existing headers while they are still installed. Simple unplug the wire. . You can swap them out once you remove the headers. Swap oxygen sensors one header at the time. You do not want to mix them up. Also, mark which wire goes where.

You oxygen sensors wires will appear short. They are just barely long enough to fit. I run my upper ones next to the firewall. Even used the clips to keep them away. Made it look really neat.

When tightening headers in place, alternate screws. I did outside bolts firs on each sidet, and went up and down. you will need to go back several times to make sure all bolts are tight as the magnesium rings gets pushed in and give more space.

Another tip. Place rings on headers once you line them up with the engine. Otherwise you might have issues trying to keep them from falling off.

Another tip. Soak your exhaust bolts with liquid wrench or wd 40 for about 39 min. It will make everything unbolt much easier.

Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.