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They did on Thursday night at the BMW premiere. They also had hors d'oeurves, cartoonists from the NewYorker (one drew my cartoon) and product managers from all the different series. I spoke to the 1-series product manager and the M-series manager. It was a great time. They also gave us a "goody" bag that had a Sirius Satellite receiver and a $30 gift card from Sirius, a book of New Yorker cartoons and a key chain.

We could walk up to any car there including the Lambos and the Porsche RS Spyder and the GT-R. None of them were ropped off at all.

Yes, the Lambo girls were definitely the hottest. The one pictured below was super cool. We spoke for quite a while. I was teasing her about her knowledge of the car. Oh, since this is a regional board, her sister lives in PA near my work. She lived right around the corner from the show. The other Lambo girl was a little full of herself. I actually ended up walking a couple blocks with her after the show. She lives in Brooklyn.
Very Nice. Very Nice. I was talking to the BMW girl Nadia for a while. She was amazing. She lives in Miami but travels 6 months out of the year. Drives a lexus so I bothered her about that.
E30. Its a lifestyle.