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Help: CPO v NEW

hi guys, i'm fairly new to the whole car buying business and honestly, i'm having some trouble. in the past, my parents were the one that handled mostly everything.

i'm in the market for a e92 328xi, and it might sound silly but i'm having trouble deciding a new one and a certified pre-owned. i've been heavily weighing the pros and cons on both and please correct me if i'm wrong. leasing is not an option because i plan on keeping this vehicle for a really long time and i also drive a lot.

here are the issues i've been having deciding and again please correct me if anything.
new cars are easier to bargain than used ones.
financing rates on a new vehicle right now are a lot better than used ones.
piece of mind?
current economy?

my dilemma is that after all these comes in factor - if the gap in prices arent too big, i would rather get a new one. but if they are. i will continue hunting for a cpo.

you guys helped me before and thanks in advance for this. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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