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Originally Posted by Leaker View Post
If you are talking straight line you might be right but not a chance on a race track. Did you see that video from Fifth gear? That was 335 with sport suspension. Your xi doesnt have that and its about 300 lbs heavier than the 335 in the film. My biggest complaint is the overly intrusive traction control. You can hammer the S5 everywhere and it doesnt skip a beat. This 335 is brutal. Every time I go to merge into traffic quickly the traction control shuts everything off. If I disable it I get wheelspin and the car wants to rotate. I came from B7 S4 and wish I had gotten the S5. BMW gave me $7,000 off msrp......too hard to pass up. Thats just my opinion. Everyone has one.
Gotta agree w the traction thing. Yielding left turns are downright dangerous if you're trying to slip thru traffic. If you break traction in a 335, your car cuts out so abruptly and the boost drops immediately. You're then left with no boost built up and fast traffic coming at you. And on the flip side, driving w traction off is not the smartest thing even if you can control it and above and beyond that, causing wheel slippage in busy city traffic is super douchey.