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DIY: 335i Exhaust Sound Mod. Better, and even easier than golf tee mod.

OK I know I am not the first to do this, someone had to clue me in, but instead of plugging, crimping, or otherwise disconnecting the vacuum line under the car, just unplug the actuator in the trunk in front of the drivers side tail light. I was a little unclear as to how this works, but it's dead simple, easily reversible, and doesn't involve digging under the car. Win-Win!

So a big thanks to whomever it was that clued me in... I like the sound of the dual exhaust all the time without the bypass, but I also like being able to quiet it down if I am going on a long interstate drive... So here's a Barney Style Step by step to a better exhaust sound on demand. :rocks:

--------ETA: Perform at your own risk, Myself and many others have had no ill effects, but you never really know.---------------
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