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Originally Posted by jme93 View Post
I've read through the whole thread, some great comments- thank you!

I have an '07 e93 335i sport with 24k miles on it as a DD. So far, I have put in a JB4 and PSS10's and replaced the bushings, dropped by about 1".

I would like to improve turn in and holding a line without stiffening it up too far- wondering what your suggestions would be for that as to sway bars or strut braces.

Also noticed at about 75mph/120kph I feel the steering is way too loose, especially under hard acceleration. My first thought was downforce but my e36&39 were stable at over 100mph.

Appreciate the advice.
Alignment / camber I bet. Get your toe back in spec to help with the stability, and set up more negative camber up front relative to rear. Whatever you set your rear to, try to get one more negative degree up front relative to that- that will help with turn in and balance.

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