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So.... You're one of "those" people who don't have courtesy for others, and now is upset that you were put in check for failing to DIM your highbeams when I vehicle passed you and got in front of you. You further attempt to somehow justify it bying explaining the type of road, etc., when the simple fact is what you did, was wrong!

In this case, it happened to be an LE officer, who exercised his discretion and wrote you a ticket for your offense. I applaud the officer and suggest you accept this as a lesson in good driving habits.

In a worst case scenario, it's an irate driver who break checks you... And maybe you wind up in a worse situation because either your failure to "read" the situation when someone for some reason, hits the brakes in front of you, or you just don't care! But here it appears you're not happy with the consequence for your action, or lack thereof.

Obviously, I have no compassion for your situation and suggest you just count your losses and pay the ticket! Or hey! Stay on that high horse and fight it... Lmao!
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