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outline of steps from the Bentley manual:

1. Top off brake fluid reservoir
2. Connect pressure bleeder to reservoir. Pressurize to approximately 2 bar (29psi).
3. Connect bleeder hose and bottle to right rear caliper.
4. Have a helper hold the brake pedal down.
5. Open bleeder screw, have helper slowly pump brakes about 10 times with screw open, holding pedal down on last pump. When escaping fluid is free of air bubbles close the bleeder screw.
6. Release brake pedal. Refill brake fluid reservoir and proceed to left wheel.

Note the Bentley manual does not instruct one to add fluid to the pressure bleeder, only to the reservoir.

So, I suspect adding fluid to the reservoir wasn't the problem. My read of the manual is it's okay to use the pressure bleeder for "pressure only". There are threads on the forum where people claim to have done the same.
for example:

For me, the real eye opener is they say 'use a pressure bleeder' AND a helper. I bought a pressure bleeder, thinking I could solo it. I used the pressure bleeder and also acted as my own helper. It worked out, but wouldn't do it that way again. Next time I'll use the bleeder and get another person to help.

Why use a pressure bleeder if you already have a helper? I'm not sure but fe1rx on 1addicts gives some thought to it here: