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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
Interesting thought. Ever since I got my R, I was kind of missing "that BMW feeling". So I had to bring my Mini for service, and the good dudes at Canbec, who know me as an unofficial frequent member despite not having any loyalty card to show for it (seeing how many times I've been there with my 335) kept me a "nice" F30 328i, sport edition (whatever that means these days). So I am driving that right now.

I am a little bit in shock.

Coming off my 335 with my ball-breaker suspension, sport seats and .

Am I spoiled? Am I being unreasonable? It's not like the price of the car went down to justify the perceivable decrease in quality. Has anyone else noticed this?
BMW West Island invited me to try out the new F3x. I spent a few minutes in it and drove it back, thanked them kindly and have pretty much written the 3 series off. The worst was like P-nim said, vague steering.

Awaiting the M4.
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