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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
Hey guys, new BMW owner here so pardon my lack of basic mod knowledge in some spots. I've got an E90 2009 328i produced in July. Seems like this is AFTER the cutoff for S640A, but I'm not certain. What I'm confused by is my current harness lineup. I've got the "MULF2 - High Basis SVS" and I believe Sat Radio harness that laze has, but no other harnesses in the trunk. What I'm confused by is that I don't have the bluetooth antenna nor FZD mounted microphone, which is normal, but I don't seen to have the harness plugs for them either. I can't anywhere find a tied back coax connector in the pedal trim, nor a tied back connector for a mic.

So my questions are A, are those two connectors I seem to be missing (mic and pedal trim coax) part of the S640A option which isn't installed on my car, or am I just daft and can't find them and in either case B. what do I need to complete this setup and get bluetooth functioning? Do I only need the mic and antenna? Do I need the wiring harness (and if so, where do I find the part number and installation doc? Is it a REPLACEMENT harness that would require redoing everything else as well?)? I THINK my current config is most similar to gjimmy, so insight from you would be super helpful.

Also, if I don't have S640A, why do I have the MULF2 in the trunk? What function does it serve if not the bluetooth integration? I do have USB in the center console (that seems to be useless, friggin iPhones don't work) if that has anything to do with it.

Finally, my understanding from LAZD's guide is that the free coax cable in my trunk goes to the pedal trim and can be used for bluetooth. But my understanding is that the coax in my trunk is actually part of the sat radio harness, in which case, why would it go to the pedal trim? What am I missing here?

Hopefully someone's got my similar setup and knows my pain. I have an email in to my dealer, and I'm going to try to call up BMWUSA tomorrow to get a complete options list for my VIN, since I looked under the back seat but the final configuration bill didn't include options codes.
It appears you and I are in exactly the same boat. I too have looked for the pre-wired cable in the footwell about the drivers pedals, and it is not there. I believe we have the MULF unit for the USB audio for the iDrive. My iPhone works with mine but you need the black Y-cable, the standard white iPhone cable does not work for me.

Since we both have the same setup maybe we can help each other out. There appears to be a couple ways to do this. This thread has been the most useful I have come across, but there doesn't seem to be many with our exact setups. From what I understand it seems that we just need to get the bluetooth antenna installed (which can be kept in the trunk near the mulf unit, instead of running the cables to the footwell), and also get the mic from the voice command to be re-pinned to be used as the bluetooth mic. The info is a little shaky about what exactly needs to be done and if indeed it really needs to be done.

The other big question mark for me is the coding aspect. Apparently nobody in my area (Los Angeles) does this.

Patryk from Bimmertech has been very helpful and has a kit for about $400 to do this retrofit which he claims is very simple. I haven't been able to make the purchase because it requires remote coding (which would be great) but also requires a 32 bit Windows Laptop. I am a mac user and need to find a laptop to borrow, but most now are 64 bitůso I am a bit stuck.

What are you planning to do for this? Are you in the US?

If I could re-pin the mic and get the antenna and get the coding done somewhere I am sure it could all be done for less than $400. Otherwise I may just spring for the Bimmertech solution and hope for the best.

Good luck and keep me posted.