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Originally Posted by Ptee View Post
I am having the same issue!! Drivers seat heater clicks off as well seat adjustment stops working. I drive a 2007 335i Sedan, built 9/2006. I asked the parts guy at my local BMW dealership and he told me he was not familiar with this issue. I originally thought it was the circuit board under the seat as well, put parts guy suggested the seat adjustment switch on left. He said it definitely sounds like a circuit board issue, and all the power for the seat goes through it. Trying to source a used one or something as my local dealer wanted $336 for the switch with memory. If anyone finds a solution, please post as I would love to get this fixed. It's cold out, and my butt is not enjoying the cold leather.

Warning!! Do NOT unplug the cable under the seat while the car is running. I plugged it while the car was running as I was trying to do some problem determination and tripped the Air Bag sensor. I could not reset it as it is a safety issue, and had to pay the BMW shop to plug it into their system to reset it. I know how to reset the service interval stuff, but this is different.
I am not having any issues with the seat adjustment, all work. Only the heater. Yes, also triggered the airbag fault, but you can reset this with JB4 (if you have one).

Please please let me know if you track down the issue. I talked to a BMW tech about it and they said it was not necessarily the circuit/controller. Said the heated seats will do they if they detect issues with the heater elements, thermostats, etc... So it could be any thing they said