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This problem was incurred on 350Z's with Potenza's. First, the dealer tried adjusting the alignment on mine. Then they rotated the front tires, left to right, requiring dismounting mounting and rebalancing. Then they bought two new front tires.
The condition, sometimes called feathering, occurs at lower highway speeds (50-65) and is not caused by heavy braking or on-track conditions. In fact, mine got better after a track session.
After my replacement set went bad after 5000, I bought a set of REO -50's and the condition pretty much went away. It took a year for Nissan to accept fault and they paid for the two new fronts and were generous with the mounting charges so I was out only about $150 for the four new tires.
My E92 335i MT had this condition show up around 5000 miles and I recently took it to the dealer. Haven't had a decision yet but he asked for a little more time.