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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
Other people have put the same system in and made it work.
Did you use the Technic Harness and wire it according to Technics instructions?
The JL Amps claim to accept balanced inputs yet have RCA instead of twisted
pair Input terminators . I assume the shields on those are not a common ground. What about the level switch for Inputs it is in the right position.

I would try a cheap LOC before buying an MS-8 though you shouldn't have to do that.

The guy in the above thread(towards the end had some noise issues having to do with input levels.)
Hey ctuna,

What is the level input you are talking about? I feel I am missing something here.

I didn't get any Technic's instruction, I bought his harness from someone else, so just kind of figured it out myself. There is a piece of device that came with the package I couldn't find any use for, is this the key?? Thanks!
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