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Originally Posted by Glenborama View Post
Sadly I was foolish enough to purchase a Mini from Canterbury Motoring World, owned and run by the same people behind Big Motoring World. For my partner.

I attach the transcript of the email chain with Craig the manager.

We have been provided with 50 pounds in cheque form as "good will" gesture. I should point out this took two months, numerous emails and the threat of legal action to achieve this. The cheque was accompanied by a very sarcastic and horrible letter.

I have since had the vehicle inspected elsewhere. It has over 1.5K worth of repairs required to be road legal and safe for my partner to drive.

I can not advise strongly enough to please avoid dealing with this so called dealership.

Dear Craig,

I am writing to you in respect of your recent dealings with my partner **** **** and in respect of the below detailed transaction :

Purchase of vehicle : Mini Cooper. Reg : **** *** Balance : £3,331.30 Date 09/08/2012

09/08/2012 Vehicle purchased from yourselves (Canterbury Motoring World.) Assurances granted that the vehicle had received a full, service, inspection and any issues were detailed on the MOT.

10/08/2012 Less than 12hrs after purchasing the vehicle it is unable to start. My partner ********* is left stranded with a vehicle, that is unable to start.
As I am aware my partner contacted yourselves immediately and was informed that no help, corrective action or attention would be provided.

*****, calls myself I advise her to contact yourselves again as this is simply laughable customer service.

I understand ******* then spoke to you at length where she had to take a strong approach in order for you to offer any assistance. I would like to point out this was a lady on her own, who had acted in good faith in purchasing a vehicle from yourself less than 12hrs earlier. (The AA, RAC, Green flag any motoring service have specific rules and regulations around the priority placed on lady’s on their own.)

You and all of your staff should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves for conducting yourselves in such a thoroughly unprofessional manner and total lack of customer care, after service or frankly concern for a customer.

Eventually the vehicle was recovered, ****** was told to wait, whilst provided with a courtesy car. This ******* did for over three hrs before eventually calling yourselves and being informed the vehicle had received a full inspection and was available for pick up. (I would point out, that ****** had to call yourselves, again rather laughable.)

On picking the vehicle up, ******* was informed the vehicle had received a full inspection. ****** requested a breakdown of the work, was informed this was unable to be produced at the time and would be posted to us as a matter of urgency.

12/08/2012 ******* and myself take the vehicle for a drive, ******* is understandably nervous and wishes to be accompanied post the events of the 10/08.

On the first attempt at stopping and leaving the vehicle on returning to it, it is predictably unable to start. 2hrs after placing a call to a road side assistance recovery service and at the cost of £100 the TEN YEAR OLD vehicle battery is replaced.

I am sure you can imagine my personal confusion on how a vehicle that received a full inspection and service before being placed on sale, another one before being handed over to us and a further one only two days earlier could have a ten year old, almost permanently discharged battery (The AA engineers words, not mine.)

13/08/2012 ***** again is forced to drive to your show room as predictably no breakdown of the work undertaken has been provided. I believe again ****** discussed the matter with yourself, where you offered to reimburse the cost of the new battery (at the time of writing this has not been received and I believe we have again chased today. This is now promised to be with me tomorrow the 17/08/2012)

This is frankly the most laughable customer service I have personally experienced I STRONGLY suggest as an absolute minimum your provided ****** with a gesture to say sorry for the inconvenience, stress and the horrendous level of service and conversations she has been forced to have with you.

I have far better things to do with my time. I certainly don’t expect to spend my one day off, spending three hrs in a car park awaiting a breakdown service. For a vehicle that we have just purchased from a dealer that promotes itself as being “small enough to care” (Your advertisements not my words.)

Again some form of compensation or gesture is appropriate here.
I have passed a copy of all of the correspondence and the details of ******* conversations with yourselves to my solicitor.

I will hold any impending action until I hear back from you and I do hope we can settle this matter with the minimum of fuss and we are made to feel like a valuable and wanted customer once more.

I would appreciate a prompt reply.
Pathetic. So you havent got back any of the £1.5k you have spent either?

This letter tells you all you need to know about Big Motoring World and their customer service ethics.