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Hi guys

A couple of years ago, a member of babybmw posted a link to your epic 'Big Motoring World thread'.
We all laughed and pointed, but then the thread fell down the list.

Last night a new member called 'Big Motoring World' bumped the thread in true Big Motoring World style, defending the company and inviting emails

Big Motoring World said....
"My name is Peter Waddell I'm the owner of this group of company my e mail address is As I'm not always there as I run 7 company . I noticed that this forum talks about our company yes we have over 700 cars mostly bmws and we cannot get everything right please e mail me with anything you think we should change as we do try we have been running for over 20 years and are still expanding we sell over 400 cars a month and we will never please ever one but as I said hear is my e mail we have been abused buy other car dealers how are not supermarket just like a corner shop to asdas but people now shop different. So because they can't compete on price they right on forum as they can't be named please if we sell a car to anyone how is not happy please please e mail me on peterbmws@ Thanks for reading this"

This is a link to the bbmw thread. Don't worry, as ours is only 3 pages long

What do you think?