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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Price will play it's part in the decision but look at the rest of the M3's package and you will see why I believe I am right about this. The M6 is among a lot of competition much the same as the M3 but it sells far less M6 than a lot of it's rivals which is the total opposite to the M3's sales against it's rivals.

The M3 is a more complete package than either the M6 or any other M model on sale.
+1, the M3 stands at the top of all its competitors.

The M6 stands with a lot of other top performing cars and I would say that 3-4 years ago it stood out, but it has not kept up and it is pretty commonplace now. For the $$$ there is alot of other choices.

In Canada its price is so high that there are tons of better cars for the same or less.

BMW needs to take that next leap in the new M cars, M5 and M6 specifically. They have quite a challenge given the existing economy.

The need to loose weight, make a better tranny, simplify the car but still keep the M roots. The engine is really the strongest point of the car. If they go TT then that is fine, as long as it revs.