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Well while on the topic of the LFA I also think that car has one of the more beautiful and unique exhaust notes for a supercar. It's like a banshee. Very F1 car-ish.

Here's a driver's POV from when the Nurburgring edition LFA (one of 50/500 made which I think has like 10 more HP and a couple of tweaks from the other 450 LFAs) nabs the 6th fastest Nurburgring time on earth (3rd fastest stock production time behind the viper srt10 ACR and porsche 918 prototype) -

It's actually all the more impressive when you realize that this time was achieved on street legal stock tires and not street-illegal drag radials. I know the Viper was done on drag radials, although I'm not sure about the porsche 918 spyder.

Here's one where you can hear it from the outside -