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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
I'm specifically speaking of the crappy police here in north long beach. They are hardly cops in my opinion. More like dicks with badges. I'm not looking for sympathy at all. On the first post, I was asking if you guys have any recommendations on body shops. And no there is no girl involved in this. Pussy makes the world go around just like money but that isn't the reason for EVERY problem. Such as this one, I figure its someone specifically Ihad a problem with back in the day.
You seem like a good egg and my bad for misreading your attack on North Long Beach police as an attack on all cops. I really read it that way - I'm sorry.

This is right from left field, but I know a guy who goes by the moniker "DJKiwi" (he stylized it - K1W1). Are you from New Zealand?

Here's a story on the other Kiwi. His best problem right now is that his car was wrecked. What a twisted mess he's in. Say a prayer for his soul and the memory of his injured companion and the tragic loss of an innocent life.