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Originally Posted by beemerbird View Post
Hello Carlos - just back from Halifax & read the above.

Just do what I do if I get pulled. Smile sweetly and pull up your skirt, this of course works even better if you've no knickers on If that fails.......last resort I'm afraid..............offer a BJ

Incidently came up behind an '07 Audi TT on the M62. He put his foot down, so I obliged. Speed increases & fair play to him he went upto double the speed limit - then either ran out of steam or thought that's enough. Point of all this is, I was pleasantly surprised that I could just keep accelerating After that Audi man pulled into the slow lane (shame isn't it).

However, I very much doubt any offer of sexual gratuity would get you out of that one. Come to think of it, somebody could have reported me & the Audi driver! Oh who cares - not me. Did the engine a favour anyhow.
Helen is yours not fully run in yet? you should have mashed the audi tt, how fast did you go ??

also the old bill came to ma house, i didnt get pulled

P.s im going to pull you over some time BB

Lotsa Love

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