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hehe with the fact they are incredibly ugly! I don't quite understand who they will sell them too, the same with the X6, two very different cars but both just make me think why o why!

Mini - small hatch
1er - small hatch / coupe / convertible(which is actually as big as an older 3!)
3er - medium saloon / touring / coupe / convertible
5er - big saloon / touring
6er - luxo coupe / convertible
7er - executive saloon
Z4 - Sports Roadster / Coupe

Those I get the point of!

Mini Clubman - Why o why??
X3 - leave 4x4s to Land Rover
X5 - See above
X6 - WTF!
"FIRE UP THA PORRSCHAAH" - The 80's are back!

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