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Shout of from CPT

Hiya All. Not sure if anybody is still following this thread but I thought I give a big Shout our from CPT. Got My BMW 323i In December Last year have not really had time to take it for a nice cruise but have had time to get down smacked by another car(only small dent on door (size of a 50c piece), took to Panel Beaters but they some how managed to make a further dent and got white spots all over my new Sparkling Graphite BMW. They somehow managed not to take any blame but said they would fixed and then buffed a shit Job all over the car, It looks crap and I am gutted. (This was in January) and about a month ago I was parked up at Golf Club and someone managed to hit a ball onto my roof. (BMWs GOT SUCH A THIN ROOF) so got ripples on the Roof. Yet to get that Repaired.

So my luck so far with my First BMW is not that Good. But Love the Car wish I was brave enough to custom it but with my luck I can only imagine what will go wrong. I wish I could take legal action or respray the entire car again just to get that showroom look.

Any Ideas out there?