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Bought a 535D M Sport!!

Hi Guys

After a long wait and search, I finally bought myself a pre-LCI 2006 535D M Sport on Saturday !! Mileage is 63k which is higher than I usually buy but full service history and figure this is not high for the type of car – plus, most others have been much higher mileage and without the toys. Its carbon black with black leather and very well specced and in great condition – absolutely love the adaptive xenons – they looked soo cool in the rear-view mirror on the drive home! Looks like a nice genuine car, a few cosmetics to sort but nothing major – got a few quid off to cover this – first impressions are very good!!

A few questions for the “guru’s” amongst us:

1. Although a service is not due, I am going to get my mechanic to do a full service/inspection for peace of mind – is there anything additional worth doing at the same time i.e. breather pipes, temp sensors etc?
2. Is there anything for my mechanic or me to specifically look for and check?
3. The silver trim in the middle of the gear knob has peeled a little – can this be removed and repainted or do I need to replace the whole gear knob?
4. The steering wheel and some of the surrounding trim has a bit of peel – like my 1 and 3 series – any fixes to this?
5. Are there any relatively inexpensive upgrades I can do to improve performance/economy without “ruining” the car?

The above probably wouldn’t bother most “normal” folk, but I want to get this motor looking & performing A1 so would appreciate any advice!!

P.S – will get some pics up shortly