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Originally Posted by DylxnJames View Post
Hi All,

Came out this morning to a flat battery on my 56 plate 3 series. Must have left a light on or something. Anyway, get some jump cables on, give it 10 minutes to get some charge, stick the key in to start it and I am greeted with the steering wheel lock dash light (Red) and the car wont turn on at all.

I left the battery to charge, went back a few hours later, steering lock light still there and engine still wont start.

How did my battery going flat prompt the car to decide it fancied locking the wheel and not letting me start the car?! Had zero issue with it before, no cause for concern...

I have ordered a can cable and have the bmw software ready to go but all of this hassle because the battery died? Does this happen every time a BMW battery goes flat?
If the steering lock symbol is red, you will need to reset the ELV counter and CAS. No this doesn't happen everytime a battery dies. It usually only happens if the battery has been in poor condition for a long time. Get the battery charged and tested with a proper battery tester. You will more than likely need a new battery. Then reset the counters after rectifying the battery issue. Be sure to check the alternator charge rate after you get it running.
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