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I finally made some decals. Tell me what you guys think.

(graphics are going to be better obviously, I will post pics of what it looks like on the car in a few hours when I decide to get dressed and go out to my car and take a pic lol)

Theres a few Canadian guys on the forum thats looking for a few stickers for their cars.

Im not looking to make any money here, I have an awesome job that pays well, so I'm doing this on the side on my own time. I just feel that this forum has helped me out sooo much and if it wasent for this forum, I probably wouldnt have a BMW. So I want people to spread the word about the forum and get more people on it.

I contacted Jason and Mark about this and to get the font from them but they haven't got back to me. I just don't want to break any rules. I'm not a sponsor (I don't think its a good investment to pay $400+ to not make any money on decals) so if they say no, I'll pull out but so far they have not gotten back to me.

I dont mind charging an extra $1 and donating it to the site either.

My email is

I have also done some tshirts as well but I wont post on these since they take more time, product and energy to produce and cant sell these at cost. I dont have a vendors license so if you bring me a Tshirt thats even better! (I just go to the local wal mart and grab T's) Like I said, I just do this for fun.

Heres some of what I'v done