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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Wow. You're incredibly disgusting. You marginalize blue-collar workers because they chose a certain profession? Yeah, you have no class. $30/hour to bend, twist, lift and stand on your feet t for a number of hours while you help earn CEO millions a year??? . I'd say that's a fair wage.
Wow... you are definitely the master of outrageous, irrational hyperbole.

First you concluded that if someone doesn't like handouts, that must mean they want the children of killed soldiers to suffer, and now you are stating that I am marginalizing all blue collar workers? I cannot imagine what you will come up with next.

First of all, you are really stretching with the use of the term "profession" to describe what they do: From wikipedia : "A profession is a vocation founded upon specialized high educational training, the purpose of which is to supply objective counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly apart from expectation of other business gain" Use any other source if you like, the result will be the same. They have a job, but it is not a profession, unless you also think that someone who digs a ditch with a shovel to be a professional too.

I know firsthand, people who end up dropping a bolt in a hole on an assembly line did not CHOOSE that after careful consideration, and then dedicate years of their life for prepatory training to get there. They usually fall into it because the union assures it pays well, and the only real barrier to entry is that one possesses opposable thumbs, and the ability to repeat a very rudimentary set of instructions over and over again. Any simple, repetitive task that you could literally train a bonobo monkey to perform in NOT a profession.

Obviously you must not know many blue collar workers, or you would realize that is not always the case. My neighbor is a ticketed Machinist. Not only does that involve a lot of formalized training before one could even begin to be useful, but also he did an apprenticeship that lasted over 3 years if I recall, before he was fully accredited. I have no problem with blue collar workers like that making good money. That is a profession.

You want to talk disgusting? How about the fact the median wage for Nurses is approx 64K a year. Yes, that means that a assembly line worker with lots of seniority who gets enough overtime could make MORE than a nurse. This is also a job that is physically demanding, requires standing on your feet all day, bending, twisting, lifting. Only it required MUCH more training, and the results of a mistake can literally kill people. If Dick Dropout fails to bolt a wheel on properly, it will be caught by QA before it hits the showroom. If Nancy nurse makes a slight miscalculation on some IV drip, that could end up being fatal. The fact that their compensation is even remotely similar is beyond disgusting to me. But, I suppose a left-wing view is that it's good that everyone is paid the same, as utopia is achieved when the outcomes of peoples personal decisions are equalized.