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Originally Posted by mowflow View Post
Buy the 3 door version if you don't like the sportback. Just don't expect it to be much more practical than an e93.
That's the thing though, the main reason to change would be to make it easier to get in and out the back so no point in going to a 3 door, I might as well keep the E93.

To be honest I'm struggling to find any modernish good looking 5 door hatchback\saloons, they all look rubbish these days.

5 series - too big for missus
e90 - hate the rear end
Golf's - Zzzzzzz
A4 - ZZzzzzz
S3 (5 door) - ugly
1 series - ugly
C class - Done the Merc thing

I've even resorted to looking at Seat Leons as it seems it's the last good looking mildly exciting hatchback available but not sure if I can go from a BMW to a Seat (just seems like a step back for some reason) I realise I've probably pissed a lof of owners of the cars above off with these comments so flame suit on.