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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post
You can tell them to keep it until it's fixed, but that won't change the fact they don't know wtf is wrong.

My car's literally been in dozens of times for this. Still got it.

I see you have been dealing with this problem for some time now, and probably highly annoyed with it. Have you taken your car to another shop for a second option?

I will take my car to the same shop for the fourth time (within two months), and I am more than positive the problem will still exist afterwards. If it does, then I'm going to another shop that has higher reputation for experience techs. Someone out there has the solution for the fix. I mean, C'mon, this didn't exist on my car until they changed the f'in plugs. This is simple mechanical 101 sh*t!

As long as the car is still under warranty, I don't care how many times I take it in. For the money "we all" pay to enjoy these cars, this should not be happening.
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