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Originally Posted by Bakeme521 View Post
That's not true at all. Its all depends on this Type R he is speaking of.

I used to have 1992 EG that was gutted with a K20A in it, which is a Type R k20 from japan, with more aggressive cams and dual valve springs. It was paired with a Type R transmission, which has insane gearing. The car with me in it weighed 2175lbs and dynoed right under 230whp revving to 9k. This little car was no joke, from a roll it pulled my 335 when it wasn't spraying meth.

Then I put a 75 shot on it and it walked away from my 335i even spraying meth.

Here is a video of one racing a tuned 335. Keep in mind this one has full interior and a stock k20, not even a type.

Yeah the motor is from Japan FBO. He has alot of money into it.