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Originally Posted by madbill683 View Post
Just need to do four new jackstands that I needed anyway. I went with Bavauto's LiquiMoly diff oil, did the rear already. I bought the BMW TC oil, almost $60/L. I got a case of Valvoline Dexron VI for the GM tranny. And pumps, etc to fill it. The car has so little clearance, it will be an effort getting it up on stands.
That's cool. I'm not sure what kind of clearance you have around the TC drain and fill plugs but for mine I needed to cut down and allen wrench, fit it on the plug and then turn it a tiny bit at a time with an open ended wrench. There is a cross member in the way. It doesn't look like there is room to do it but it works no problem and much easier than taking out the cross member.

My neighbor has a nice shop with a couple car lifts so doing maintenance is pretty easy for me. Good luck and have fun!