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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
They have made some changes (Maybe since MY 2013?) but the only way to get sports seats is in the Sports line or M Sport line and the only way to get a sport suspension is M Sport outside the M Adaptive but if I was not a BMW enthusiast they would have lost me as a customer with how the 2012 models were packaged.

My E90 M3 is fully loaded and in 2008 when I bought it was about the same price as a 335i now loaded... that is a steep inflation curve.
I agree with you about how one can obtain sport seats and a sport suspension. Any BMW I buy must have both and that does mean buying either sport or M Sport line, but only because of the seats. The M Adaptive suspension is available as an option on any F30, at least here in the US.

That said, the tone of your earlier post implied that it dismays you that one cannot get a few specific elements on an F30 and yet pay a reasonable price for the car. That simply isn't so, unless you consider $45K unreasonable.

I guess the pricing structures differ between the US and DE. Here the M3 starts at $60K now and fully loaded 335i xDrive is $60K (MSRP). I don't know what either of them cost in 2008.

Fully Loaded = everything except:
  • Premium Package -- because lumbar support, though nice isn't worth $2200 and the rest of what's in this package adds little of real value.
  • Driver's Assistance Plus -- because I don't drive sleepy and I can see that I'm about to crash into something in front of me. This package seems like a laser detector: once it tells you about the problem, it's too late to do anything about it anyway.

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