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Originally Posted by RMG View Post
...I beg to disagree. There are people reporting 2-3-4 HPFP replacements while many others (like me) don't seem to have any issues. I know for sure in EU the HPFP failures are a rarity, I have a friend who runs a good size BMW dealership/ Service there and while he has been notified about the "problem" he hasn't seen a defective HPFP pump yet. It's true, E9x with N54/N55 are quite rare in EU but he sells and provides service for a large number of 5 and 7 series fitted with these engines.
What I've noticed is that - when questioned - people with HPFP problems tend to recognize they don't use good quality gasoline or at least not all the time.
Pretty powerful statement....and you're in Massechusets right?