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Originally Posted by serge73
so, I am thinking of European delivery for this 2013 Summer (July-August). I assume that the new F32 coupe will not be available by then?, would I still be able to get a 335is on the current E92 platform or will the new F30 3 Series sedan be my only choice??....

Also, for those of you who own the 335is, would you think this a more enjoyable car than the F30 335i?, i know its the new design and I havent yet warmed up to it but I am sure that as with all previous new BMW it will take some getting used to after which I will love it.... so
N54 over N55 alone is a good enough of a reason to for me to go with the 335is, and I didn't really like the aesthetics of the F30, even with the updated interior. That being said, it is up to you since beauty is subjective; some people prefer newer designs for the sole reason of having the latest, and don't tune their cars so N55 is not any different for them.

Tl;dr, I love the 335is and find it better than the current F3x offerings.