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Originally Posted by vanosracing View Post
This whole real M not pretend as to stop. In the old days BMW had the iS models whish were excellent and a stepping stone to the M cars. The M135i, M235i, etc... are all very good cars and for most all they will ever need.

It will be interesting to see what BMW does with the M2 and how they price it because it could really hurt their M3 and M4. You will be able to get a M235i sub $50K, I don't think you will get a M2 under $60K.

Are modern day M's as meaningful as the glory day M's or are they now more of a "M"arketing tool? I vouch for the latter, I think BMW needs a new hardcore M line along the lines of CSL territory.
Well as you mention, constructors are trying to sweep the widest possible with their models. Audi started the S models first, then came up with their more hardcore RS models.

While BMW did similar approach before the first M3, they have since remained with the unique M versions (wikipedia). I guess they feel pressured by the competition to do the same as Audi for one, this is also true for the direction fuel efficiency is taking forcing them to adopt turbos, as well as the 2l turbo base engine for the 3 series, instead of their venerable inline 6. Electric steering is also same story.

It's been a while BMW is seen to "follow" instead of "lead" the market. They are being pushed, powerwise as well as pricewise (Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is a perfect example, C63 is another).

The Twin Turbo V8 will at least be 450 hp. If Merc's turbo 2L can make 355hp, the 4L twin turbo should be a monster compared to BMW's 3L twins.

While this is all good overall for the wallets of prospective buyers, it does not yet give driving enthusiasts what they really want.
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