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"Addicts?" "Clutch Meth Kit?!?!" (Story of an awkward moment)

So here I am. A bonafide Addict. I can't get enough METH!!!!

Picture this - sitting at a conference for a work event between sessions, browsing the forums as per usual time-killing tactics.


A WILD CO-WORKER APPEARS. But there's a problem - you're not aware they're present, they took you from behind, where you're most vulnerable of course. Standing at a table charging your devices and wrapped up in the "for-sale" section trying not to buy everything.

A noise, a quiet one, just barely audible... "...Oh..."

You almost don't hear it but you turn around when you notice a figure in the glossy black corners of your laptop's screen, you turn around to see who it is, a tired look on your face from staying out too late the night before, and general boredom because, well, you're at a conference.

The co-workers face appears contorted, you know them but not well enough to get a good reading on their expression. So you simply say, "Hi Jane, how are you?"

Jane continues to look at your screen as you greet her, the same unreadable expression on her face. You look back at your screen and suddenly notice the issue. The most obvious text on the screen is bold and made very clear:


A sudden wave of understanding hits you, you start to say, "Oh [sheepish chuckle], this is for cars, meth actually means water-"

But the message is lost, the effort wasted, she quickly replies, "Oh no, it's OK!! I have to go!"

And you're left there, hoping she doesn't send an all-staff email about how Matt is injecting meth (is that even a thing).

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