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Evolve Switch Installation & User Guide

evolve Switch USER GUIDE
Introducing evolve Switch

The most effective tool to increase the power of your engine, through the OBDII port, enabling you to program the new map in few minutes.
evolve Switch can be connected to your PC and, with the software included, allows you to download an evolve map most suitable for your car.
With evolve Switch you can turn between the original and the modified map, without specific technical knowledge. evolve Switch can also be used to find and erase the errors in the memory of your ECU.

Diagnostic port location
Your evolve Switch communicates with your vehicle via the diagnostic port.
Right hand side kick panel behind small panel which says OBD on it.
For read time allow 5 minutes.
For programming time allow 5 minutes.

Don't remove the OBDII connector of your evolve Switch from the diagnostics port during any operations.
Turn off all electric (including AC, Daytime running lights, Radio, Satnav Screen, Interior Light) and electronic devices installed on your car before to connect the evolve Switch to the diagnostics port.
Turn off the engine, go out of gear and put on the hand brake.
Throughout reading and writing operations, the fans could start.

evolve Switch Installation
1. Connect the PC to the internet website:
evolve Switch software download
2. Click on the button Download XConsole 3.90 software and save the file on your PC.
3. Execute the installation file as soon as downloaded, you will be guided through the installation process.
4. Connect the evovle Switch to the PC with the USB cable supplied. Wait a few seconds as most of the time the computer will automcatically search for and find the driver.
If the driver does not automatically download, it may be necessary install the driver for the evolve switch. This can be found in at the following location folder -> (C:Xconsole).

How to use evolve Switch
1. Run Xconsole software.
2. Connect your evolve switch to your computer with the USB cable provided.
3. Click the button "Link" to establish communication between your PC and your evolve Switch.
4. Choose your specific-car from the list and wait for the installation of the correct firmware. If you are unsure of the correct protocol to select, please contact us.
5. Choose the language that will be shown on the display of your evolve Switch and wait for the installation of the language.
6. Remove the evolve Switch unit from USB connector.
7. Locate the diagnostic port in your vehicle.
8. Connect the evolve Switch's via its OBDII cable to the diagnostic port of your car. Turn on the cars ignition but DO NOT START THE CAR. The fuel gauage will show a reading when the ignition is on. (This can be done by repeatedley pressing the start button without pressing the brake pedel.)
9. PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL CAR ELECTRICS ARE TURNED OFF!!! turn off the idrive display, disconnect any bluetooth devices, turn off the ac, turn off daylight running lights
10. Follow the instruction on the display of the evolve Switch to read the original file from your car.
11. Once the read process is complete (typically under 5 mins) remove the OBDII cable on your evolve Switch from the diagnostic port.
12. Connect evolve Switch unit to your PC via the USB cable.
13. Run Xconsole software.
14. Click the "Link" button to establish communication between PC and your
evolve Switch unit.
15. Select the original file and download it on your PC, by clicking the button "Read".
16. In order to continue it is necessary to have
the modified file. Please email your original file to data (at) evolveautomotive (dot) com
17. When you receive the modified file save it to your PC. Link your evolve Switch again and select the file you have just saved.
18. Insert the name to assign to the modified file.
19. Click the button "Write" and to wait for the end of the operation.
20. Remove the evolve Switch unit from USB connector.
21. Connect the OBDII cable on your evolve Switch to the diagnostic port.
22. Choose the operation of writing on the display of the evolve Switch unit.
23. Select the modified file to program.
24. Follow the instruction on the display of the evolve Switch that you guide to the writing of the modified file.
25. Remove the OBDII cable on your evolve Switch from the diagnostic port.

The evolve Switch unit now holds both your original and modified maps. To return back to original simply plug in the evolve Switch to your cars OBDII port and "Write" the original file back in.

If you need any telephone support please call us on + 44 (0)1582 584 000.

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