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Originally Posted by pinky_and_me View Post
Did you install new drivers before you plugged in the BT cable?
If so it's probably the drivers causing the problem (and since all the cables probably use the same driver they all crash your computer).
You can try and restore to a previous configuration point since installing a new driver should cause windows to kind of backup itself.
Or you can try and remove the new drivers (if there is an uninstall and if not just track down the files that were installed and remove them).
Yup. Installed the drivers first just like the instructions. Hopefully BT can figure out what the problem is with their driver. After doing a little more digging, when I had the same problem with my VAG-COM, they said they had to write a custom driver for me because there is an incompatibility with their standard driver and the USB 3.0 controller that my computer uses.
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