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Still trying to chase this down even though I've returned the cable. I talked with Ross-Tech who makes the VAG-COM software for AUDI/VW and they gave me some tips about the latest USB 3.0 controllers that they found to work with their own cable since they had similar problems in the past that they were able to resolve. I passed on the link to the driver to Bavarian Technic to see if they are willing to try it. If it works, I'd be willing to repurchase the cable.

That's right, another company gave me advice on something that's not even their own product. Not only that, but I sent them the email at 11:20PM EST and got a response in less than 10 min. Its too bad there is no company like that in the BMW community. There was rumor years back about them coming out with a BMW platform software but for some reason the project died and they've decided to stick to the Audi/VW platform. Too bad.
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