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Exclamation Mr John Kang Eisenhaus

Originally Posted by EisenHaus View Post

1. we now do have the exhaust arrived here and ready to be shipped.

2. we are on hold because Status(Vendor who sold the exhaust to customer)
does not want us to ship the unit at this time.

3. Customer is asking a compensation which company can not comprehend in business stand point.
(Customer's request: Free shipping from USA to Indonesia which is ranging 500 - 600 USD for shipping cost alone).
and customer is now begining to accuse/ blame on sales rep/managers of the company for not gettting his
compensation he wants.

4. We sincerely do apologize for any delay or inconvinient matter it may have caused,
but we assure you: we absolutely did our best to bring this rare unit out from factory.

5. Sum up, we are holding this unit at this time, until status and customer can get the problem or
compensation issue resolved.

we would love to take care of this problem in the manner of even beyond well built professionalism and grown up conversation, but we realize..sometimes, there are things we just can not do.
We know how it feels - waiting for something you want really bad.. and we also understand customer is upset and sometimes be expressing excessive heat over to us upon his dis-satisfaction, which we have been dealt with this particular customer for sometime now and we also know that is what we have to do when it comes to customer service.
So, again, we are truly sorry about getting this unit over to US not within time frame expected.
At this time, we now have the unit in stock, ready to be shipped
and we would like to resolve this issue with customer asap on our end as well.

1:Yes I know that the exhaust just reach your place like 2-4 days ago.

2: Mr John Kang Eisenhaus, You know why?cause your manager told me at the phone before that you guys ( Jayson your manager ) will sent the exhaust from Germany to your facilities via air freight but guess what?you guys didn't do it either..and on the previous pages,one of you mentioned that around 200-300 exhaust are otw to your facilities. Guess you included my exhaust as well to your container to save more money!!

remember: " All thief's admitted their crimes,all prison will be full around the world"

3: Off course Iam complaining to you guys. Status design is doing their work professionally, take care their customers and their customer service are . and again you don't mentioned that Ive told Status auto design that Iam willing to pay some amount ( USD$100.00 ) to help you reduce the cost..why don't you posted it?it seems that you are the good guy right now...

4: All you guys only can say " sorry/apologies ". Tell me if you were me and Iam at your positions.

5: You guys need to solve this matter by professionals way and don't tell me that Ive to settle this matter with Status auto design.
Hey Mr John Kang Eisenhaus, don't you remember that you talked to me by phone that you said with your attitude problems " I DONT GET YOUR MONEY " and " TALK WITH STATUS AUTO DESIGN " dont you remember??

6: And yet you guys dont even told us the time frame.all you can said is " its a rare system" blah blah blah..Guess what guys? their is few 320's with eisenmann exhaust..thats not the reasons at all!!!

7: now Ive to ask you again..what is your offer Mr john Kang eisenhaus? Its your company responsible to take care this. As you are the global distributor for the whole world ( listed on your website )!!! You need to clarfiy it..

8: Main point is Win and winner solutions.

Looking forward to get my exhaust from you guys.


P/S: Even your own worker Lee have admitted to me that you have attitude problems and he is sorry towards me..