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Thumbs down another excuses from big company like eisenhaus

3. Customer is asking a compensation which company can not comprehend in business stand point.
(Customer's request: Free shipping from USA to Indonesia which is ranging 500 - 600 USD for shipping cost alone).
and customer is now begining to accuse/ blame on sales rep/managers of the company for not gettting his
compensation he wants.


you know what?last month I imported 2 sets of wheels ( 8 pieces ) from Los angeles to Jakarta indonesia and paid for USD$560.00 air freight

and you mentioned that shipping from usa to indonesia are USD$ 500-USD$600.00? how many kg's Mr John Kang eisenhaus?? better let me know the dimensions of the exhaust and weight.. this is not wheels!! this is just your excuses again...You mark up the price again...

un believable!!!