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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The main problem so far is that there are no used parts yet for the new iDrive, so the cost for new parts right now is prohibitive at the dealer.

I think that some remanufactured CIC are showing up in the ETKA which are considerably cheaper than new, though. I estimate some $2000 in the retrofit - with some extra discounts in parts, hardware installation done DIY, assuming that there is already an iDrive installed in the car- could be possible by the end of the year, and some $1200 can be get back from selling the old iDrive parts on ebay, so the effective cost should be less than $1000 if done right.

Add perhaps some $500 if there is no iDrive already installed in the car.
I think anything downwards of 3000$ is relatively worth it.
At least for me...
Because as you mentioned the leap between the old Idrive and the New one is night and day!