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Originally Posted by bmw_solid View Post
Glad to know you found the problem. Were they leaking or sitting loose in the strut mount?
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Glad you found your issue, but I'm about to hijack your thread because I recently installed Koni Yellows, Powerflex thrust bushings, tension control arms, new top hats and new lowering springs. The thrust control arm ball-joints are the only things I did not replace as when I took the rear lower control arm out they seemed very much fine. Car is an E91 XI.

Tie rods/steering feels tight as it should be. Everything was tightened correctly at ride height. When going over some bumps I get the THUD noise/feeling as if the shocks are blown. The Koni's are on the softest setting. I do not see any visible leaking from the shocks though. I do feel as though the front is a little too soft but if I stiffen up the shock I'm afraid the THUD will increase exponentially. All parts were new and installed recently.

Anyone have any suggestions as to where to start?